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Friday, September 28, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
    Don't you just love seeing the amazing dolls on Stardoll? Of course you do! It gives us inspiration and ideas for our next post or project! That's just where most of my ideas come from, seeing the great comments and the brilliant inspiration makes me wonder how they do it, and you are probably wondering that too!
    In one of my other posts that I have made a little bit over a week ago, I mentioned a fabulous fashion designer with the name Teusa. The young adult on Stardoll has been here for around 5 years. During those years she has spent most of her days doing outfits, her makeup, her rooms and such. Over the 5 years, she became superstar, and later became royalty. During her superstar years, she made little news, or not as much as she does now. Due to her wowing dolls, fabulous looks, awesome designs, it's hard to tell that she was once a new person to Stardoll.
                                                   ----Her first dolls-----
    We hardly see these dolls now days. So much old looks, like the dresses and hair. They look so unrealistic, that they don't even look like they belong in this Stardoll world!
    The hair looks really pretty, so does the dress. Would you want this hairstyle...AND dress? I would of course love to!

                                   --Teusa's talent through Stardoll--
We've all seen the Rihanna and the MJ, even the Lady Gaga designs while voting for the hottest design! Teusa made most of them, otherwise the people were inspired and did it! While getting those votes from you, she's made other Stardoll news, like being on the starblog every so often! Take a look at a few designs, made by Teusa. Lady Gaga!

  --How to achieve the news and make the history--

Recently she made the legs, the arms and well the face! Though she face was here from the start, the legs and the arms were just the beginning of a long journey ahead! Though this is the end of a long, but very interesting post, I am Ashtyn and I hope you enjoy the day!

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