An interview with sd staff

Monday, September 3, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
Here is an exclusive interview with Robin, stardoll staff!

Miss_sassy_girl: What's it like to work at Stardoll?
Robin: Working here is pretty fun and chill :)
Miss_sassy_girl: That sounds really cool! 
                          Do you think MSW will be more competitive this year than it was last year?
Robin: I have no idea really, sorry. :)
Miss_sassy_girl: That's ok haha. 
Robin: I'm not reallly involved in MSW.
Miss_sassy_girl: ohhhh.
Thank you for letting me interview you Robin :)) Have a great day!

That's all for the interview I got, knowing Robin is very busy, I was very happy he let me interview him. :)
I hope you all have a great day! Click here to visit Robin's suite

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