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Monday, September 3, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
Hey everyone, I was on youtube viewing videos but then I fell upon this video that was unique, beautiful, and sad mixed with happiness at the same time and it was about me?! I was shocked to know that someone made a video about me? And didn't even tell me? But I guess I should thank them the video was nice and made my medoll look well..... beautiful then it ever was. To comment or like that video click Here! The video was made by a user named Demie555. But I think this person is kinda stalkish for having all of my styles I created for the past 2 years...... maybe it is someone I know like my cousin or a friend I don't know who but I guess thank you? What do you guys think stalkish or sweet? Comment below.
The song made me cry and the black and white theme was just peferct with the song.

5 Awesome Comments:

  • Arij Mroue said...

    OMG! Are you five years old or a chav? Who uses the word "owned" And anyway was I talking to you???? Um...NO! So shush up and turn around 'cause girl you just got defined! (take not of the "shush" since it's the word you used that doesn't make sense and also the last word is edited because I am mature and not a chav!)

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