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Monday, September 3, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Well you all voted with the poll and our winner is Vannassa555, welldone!
Here is the interview i did with her as part of her prize, this is to help her get noticed as shes running for MSW 2012.
Click HERE to visit her suite and vote her MSW!

Cheekycazbo1: Hello, well done on winning the weekly contest, how do you feel?

Vannassa555: excited and speechless 

Cheekycazbo1: So your running for msw right? why do you think people should vote for you?

Vannassa555: Yes I am, and I think I deserve to win the peoples vote because I worked hard on Stardoll to get to where I am now, I love mixing fashions together to get something new, and I really love helping others on stardoll and in real life and if they vote for me they will be making my dreams come true.

Cheekycazbo1: Great! so what do you think makes you stand out from the other contestants?

Vannassa555: My sense of style is unique and well I have did this charity foundation on stardoll and in real life.

Cheekycazbo1: Oh really? what is your charity foundation?

So my dad gotten his paycheck 2 or 3 months ago. So I was reading this presentations how people were saying that they were supporting breast cancer but sometimes people lie just to get the money. So I decided to make my own Breast Cancer designs on stardoll and sell them for 50 starcoins. And each time I got 100 starcoins I will donate 5 dollars to a Breast Cancer Donation. In 2 or 3 months we gained over 5,000 starcoins that means I donated over 1,000 dollars to a charity. This idea came to me when my aunt died of breast cancer not to long ago.

My dad thought the idea was great and sponcered me the money so yeah I have to thank my dad. He put stardollars in my account so I can afford to buy the designs
and sell them

Cheekycazbo1: Wow thats amazing, is there anything else you would like to say to the SLN readers?

Umm.... always believe in your dreams never give up and try helping others because you will be making a difference in someones else life. And vote me Miss Stardoll World 2012. Kisses

She has also won 10 stardollers in money, or 10 stardollers worth of superstar gifts, and she won a banner advertising shes running for MSW at my blog missmagazinestardoll.blogspot.co.uk. Thanks all for reading and i hope you enter next weeks contest.

By Cheekycazbo1

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