Tuesday, July 17, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
I was looking through members and I saw this:
I clicked on it and got to her page! BTW, I know it is not really Nicki Minaj! I looked at her pres and I was like "wow!" Here is her pres:
Look at the highlighted part! Really? Don't believe celebs unless they have that stamp and approved by Callie.Stardoll? I know people are always posing but what is wrong with this girl? You can't sell RC's gifts, can't look at their medoll, they have their own dressup and a "Promotion" button and tons of other stuff. They don't need that stamp or whatever and Callie doesn't approve celebs, someone else does! So please stop faking! You know if you write RC after your name, it is pretty obvious that you are not a RC!

5 Awesome Comments:

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