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Hello Readers,

Today I need your help. I have applied to become a Starblogger many times and have been denied. Here are part of my posts that I am sending to Stardoll. 

Models and designers have a surprising best friend, Skype! New-fangled and free Skype allows the model
and designer to conduct fittings. When designers see pictures of models they cannot see how the garment flows on the model. Every piece of clothing looks unique in a different pose. Today Skype makes everything easier and less time-consuming.  

We suffer to be beautiful! High heels and flip-flops are a great example of that. Heels higher than two inch can affect your feet, knees and back. Calluses, corns, bunions, and other feet problems may occur from high heels. Flip-flops do not offer arch support, creating a pediatric problem called flat feet.

Solutions to these problem include; 1. Pick sandals with good arches, instead of flip-flops. 2. Buy high heels with a rounded toe section and a thick sole. 3. Relax your feet at the end of your day. We never have to suffer to be beautiful again.

Pants are a luxury that modern day girls and women now take for granite. Over two hundred years ago females were expected to present themselves in dresses. Now a day pants are a staple in everyday life and come in many different styles. While the pants have become slimmer or widened  they are here to stay.

Any tips?


4 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    Maybe you should improve your grammar. "Pants are a luxury that modern day girls and women now take for granite." Granite is a type of rock...

    These articles are super short. I would make them a lot longer to show Stardoll you put time into your pieces.

    I live in the desert so I basically only wear flip flops. Pretty much everyone here has flat feet. Lol.

  • Art123peace said...

    Mandylou4- Thanks so much!! Granite, yes you are correct. I meant like a luxury something we do not think much about but Stardoll may think of the rock.

    Also they are way longer, however Stardoll writes back if I send my whole article that I am only suppose to send a clip.

  • Elena said...

    You are a great writer, and it's a shame Stardoll can't see that. Maybe they have too many? I don't know, but you are so talented! Maybe in time they will accept you, but keeping on at them won't really help much, but I would try in the future!


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