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Tuesday, July 3, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

Tomorrow in America we will be celebrating the fourth of july. To those people who do not know what that is: The fourth of july is the day we declared independence from Britain. 

Every year it is a tradition here in the states to blow off fireworks. They blow off a lot. Where I live however that will not be the case this year. The extreme heat has put a stop to the annual celebration of fireworks. 

If fireworks were to be blown off, fires would occur and people could get seriously injured. I do hope that the firework cancelation does not stop the celebration.  

Note: This in my state. I do not know about other states.


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4 Awesome Comments:

  • Miss_Sassy_girl said...

    Parts of Colorado can't celebrate because of the wildfires :(
    I feel soo bad for them.
    Same with the heat, you could die instantly.
    I'm surprised that my state is allowing it this year, I mean like with the heat and all.

  • Anonymous said...

    My state doesn't allow citizens to shoot off airborne fireworks without a permit. We usually do the ground-level ones in the middle of our cul-de-sac road, which is far from any houses or trees.

  • justineann said...

    Almost every place in Oklahoma and Arkansas have cancelled there's, and they have even banned firework sales in a lot of the areas. I live where it was banned so I have to watch it on tv if I want to see fireworks.

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