Kool Aid Dye your hair!

Sunday, July 8, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers,

This summer you can dye your hair a different color by Kool-aid dying it. NOTE: This can take a day to come out or a month.

1. Mix two packets of unsweetened Kool-Aid and three cups of water in a big pot. 

2. Place on stove and wait for water to boil.

3.  When the water is done boiling pour it into a big heat proof bowl. 

4.  Put a mat down and some newspapers where you are dying your hair. Then place the heat proof bowl on the mat. 

5. Take a small portion of your hair and dip it into the bowl. You can do a little part of that piece or all of it.

6.  Leave that piece of hair in the Kool-Aid for five minutes.

7. Wrap a paper towel around your wet hair. 

8.  When your hair is not dripping take off the paper towel.

9.  Now repeat and do this to the rest of your hair.

Who has tried this? Who will try this?

Please comment!

4 Awesome Comments:

  • Mandylou4 said...

    How do you not know what Kool Aid is? Did you have a childhood? Haha.

    I have blonde hair which most people recommend you don't dye at all, because the light color can cause permanent damage. I also don't really like people who have completely strange-colored hair. I prefer those who do one strand or something like that.

    I'm thinking about buying some hair chalk.

  • Art123peace said...

    Lovinjudas: Don't worry :D I did not know for a while. Its this powder that you add water to. Then it becomes a yummy drink.

    Mandylou4- Yes, most people do not recommend dying blonde hair. I would do a little stripe, however my best friend has a color hair and she was the sweetest girl ever!

  • Mandylou4 said...

    I researched the hair chalk thing and convinced my mom to take me out to Micheal's to buy some. But of course, she had to run to Gap and Target, so we ran out of time to buy the pastels. :(

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