July 7, 2005 London Terrorist Attack.

Saturday, July 7, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Hello Readers.

The morning of July 7, 2005 public transportation was targeted by four terrorists, in London. Three bombs were blown on the london underground trains and a fourth bomb was blown on the Double-Decker bus. 

52 innocent people were killed and 700 people were injured. To saw the least this was a tragic day. 

Today is the 7/7/12. That is the seventh year anniversary to this horrible day. We must remember this day. This year the summer Olympics will be heard in London and security will be tighter.

This is a picture of the damage done to the double-decker bus in London.

Thank you to Elena for telling me to write about this.

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  • justineann said...

    This reminds me of the day of the Murrah Building bombing. It was on April 19,1995 at 9:03 A.M., 168 People Killed, 19 Children Killed, 1 Rescuer Killed, 850 People Injured, 85 Rescuers Suffered Minor Injuries, 30 Children Orphaned, 219 Children Lost at Least One Parent, and 462 People Left Homeless. And it was all from someone parking a vehicle that had a fertilizer bomb in it and the explosion took many lives and destroyed like 10 buildings. Where the building collapsed they have built a memorial it has a Memorial Museum, and a Outdoor Symbolic Memorial. One of the most widely know people who died was a little girl named Bailee.

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