How to get FREE pleather platforms

Thursday, July 5, 2012 7 Awesome Comments
As you may know that I have the free version of Pleather platfroms;
But how? This question is being solved :)
Sorry lots of dolls who want money for it, but I'm getting it for free :-)
< I own this doll right here. Now, what is she wearing?
We can see everything but let's take a look at the shoes, shall we?
Yes, these are the real pleather platforms for the Stardoll Barbies :)

If you purchase this barbie you'll get the barbie's outfit (that it is wearing), ss, sd, and some more clothes along with an interior to show it off with :)
In real life (yeah that's my carpet) they are really cute and think that if you dont want to pay up to 1,000sd (some people sell it for that price) then just get the doll version, you can see it in real life and better online!

So what do you think? Did I solve your...shoe..problem?
I think I kinda did. But if you need anymore help on how to get more clothes, ask me and I'll tell you how! :)

7 Awesome Comments:

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