How much do you spend on Stardoll?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 9 Awesome Comments
Today I interviewed some members that were royalty and superstar.
How much do you spend on LE?  hmmm, around like 100-200 $
How much do you spend on Young Hollywood? I would say around 10-50 $ I dont know, I guess it depends on what it looks like.
How much do you spend on Stardoll (superstar, ect.)? Around I guess, $350. I spend more money than that though, but so far this year I would say around $150, but with LE and Young Hollywood coming out, I would say I would have spent by the end of the year..... 500$ or so. Sometimes more than that..alot more than that haha.

How much do you spend on MSW? I spend around...idk 50-150$ But it depends on what's going on in my life and how MSW is going to work this year.
On All your years of being on Stardoll, how much do you think you overall spent? I would say.....around 900-1000$. It's a lot, I know but I cant help it really. 

Some members on Stardoll said they only spent $10-250 dollars. I would consider myself like that, the most I've spent on here is $40. Those were just Stardoll barbies, 1 i got for Christmas and the other i bought for myself. I'm hopeing to get SS soon, even if it is $10, I would like to get some LE and maybe young hollywood.

No wonder why Stardoll brings in a lot of money...hmmm... and since they own Roblox, many members on there are bc (builders club) so overall it's estimated that Stardoll makes around.... 1,000,000 dollars a year.

9 Awesome Comments:

  • justineann said...

    I have spent a total of zero on stardoll I have never been ss or bought stardollars. What I do is websites where you earn point and can get codes for free that is what I do.

    That is a referral link if you want to join.

  • Anonymous said...

    I've probably spent about $50. I never buy extra Stardollars or anything like that. I only buy those special passes when I want to be Superstar, which are like 10 dollars. My parents would kill me if I spent $500 on an online website!

  • Anonymous said...

    Wow. You guys are so rich O.O
    LOL. The last time I was exclusive member on an online game was Moshi Monsters :P I spent like $15 there... Then I was bored of Moshi Monsters and then I joined stardoll at 2007.. then I spent $50 being a megastar.. then my old account got hacked + deleted by my ex best friend [YAWN AT THAT] and then my mom said she wouldn't let me be SS or anything with my new account in stardoll... Now as a birthday gift I get to be SS in 17th july.. So I'll spent more $25 :P

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