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Hello Readers,

Thanks to my awesome cousin, I am able t use her AWESOME computer. Anyways I am out of town with a grandma who is in the hospital and does not have a computer with working internet. 

Sorry if someone already wrote about this topic but stardoll has a new campaign, it is the cupcake wars series. 

Stardoll is giving away a few free items with this new campaign. Firstly you can read the first chapter of the first book so you will see if you like it. If you do read the first chapter, or at least click on it you get a free gift.  Third you can enter to win a cupcake party with your friends, I am not sure if it is a virtual party or a real life party.

Who has read this series? Who likes stardoll's new campaign? By the way you can find all this under spotlight, then contests and events.

Sorry if anyone has written on this!

Thanks art123peace

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