Friday, July 13, 2012 10 Awesome Comments
I was looking through my mails when I saw this:

I clicked on it and landed on this page (Click on the bottom pic to get to the page!)

You would have got the mail too! Stardoll is going to find the best MedDolls. So all of you talented Girls and Boys, get ready! It is from July 24-27th! It ends a day after my birthday XD! I really think The2Glams should win cause she is popular, talented and hard working! Here is some work by her (Includes suites, medoll, graphics, etc):

She has won CG 1 time, NCG 12 times and Hottest Design (Interior) 3 times. She has made the SLN banners and for writers. I am not sure about other achievements. Picture caption (In order from Left to Right)
NCG, LE room, SLN banner, Medoll. Bottom pic: Some of her Achievements!
She is very talented so she should win! She also owns all of the Luxury Suite Collections!
(Thanks to Art123Peace for some of these details)    

10 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    I don't like the whole idea. Only people who have won things like Covergirl can win, which isn't fair. I've seen a whole LOT of ugly Covergirls that don't deserve to win. Yet there are others who choose not to spend money advertising who have amazing suits. I wish I had a chance as a unique themed medoll, but I know I'm just dreaming.

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