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The final vote was for.........Anime Eye tutorial! :D So here we go! Oh yeah because I only have like 1159 starpoints I don't really have the correct hair...So sorry about that :(

Step one: Remove All Fake Eyelashes/beauty marks/etc.

Step two: If you  are not superstar it is impossible for you to do this step. If you are non superstar just use the very first eye choice. For superstars you can use the big dough eyes on page 9. These eyes will instantly make your eyes huge!

Step three: You should turn your eyes a darker color. You should use green,brown, or dark blue.

Step four: Make your eyebrows as thin as possible.Remember to make them dark so they stand out!

Step five: For your mouth go with something that isn't to sad looking :I

Step six: Add your mascara, but only on the TOP!!! I can't stress how important that is!!!

Step seven: Add white eye kohl on the bottom of the eye only so you can put the maximum amount there before it runs out!

Step eight. Use a little white eyeshadow to darken the kohl a little.

Step nine: Use an eyeshadow the color of your eyes to do this. Elongate the eyes by adding a little of that color right under the real eye.

Step ten: Since my eyeshadow was LUXE brand the eye color eyeshadow already made it sparkle!  But if you used Dot or another brand you can just pick a LUXE eyeshadow and apply it on the pupil so you can't see the color just the sparkle.

Step eleven: Add nude lipstick. The reason being is that anime characters usually don't have bright colored lips...just a black line. The lip gloss is not important I just like using it ^.^.

Step twelve: Add your bottom fake lashes to your new lashline.

Step thirteen: (optional) Add the super long lashes from sunny bunny to either your cheeks or you new lashline. Google Sailor moon and you will see why ;)

Now your done :D Enjoy this look. Sorry I can't add pics but You can go to my page to check it out (BestTheyHave135) Thanks <3


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