Burger King

Thursday, September 29, 2011 12 Awesome Comments
Do you guys know that Burger King is having a very good deal?!? You can buy the Family Bundle pack for $10!!! Seriously that's cheap and it comes with a bunch of food, best deal ever. So, if anyone is looking to buy some food for cheap get the family bundle, but make sure you have the coupon first. It should of came in with your mail. Just thought I would let you guys know(:
I thought the food was pretty good and much better than Mcdonalds :p

12 Awesome Comments:

  • epicjulia said...

    Guys! Everyone has a bit of fast food in their day! And DONT tell me you guys have never eaten any. So be quiet. She only asked the people who DO eat it at times. Not for the people who dont. No one ever told you to comment being rude, OR like fast foods. Im sure sure half of you do eat it.

    - julia oxox

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