Alluring Models(The Finale)

Monday, September 19, 2011 0 Awesome Comments
For this task the models had to create a fu/crazy outfit. They could use anything they want. Lets see what the judges said about their final task.

Countrygurl102: Ehh... this doesn't really scream "fun/crazy", just plain crazy. It looks like you woke up and just threw on anything, while blindfolded. This doesn't really look fun, more like boring
StarChild_2:7/10 love this outfit, very cute and it totally works !

Starchild_2:6/10 Very cute ! Stylish in a way.Countrygurl102:I love the playfulness of the outfit! It's bright and reminds me of a Katy Perry video for some reason. Your blonde hair really brings out the outfit and the overalls are a perfect touch! I really like this outfit except for the extra bag in your hand. The pink one already adds enough contrast. This outfit, is definitely awesome(:

So the winner of my modeling comp is........................




Congratz you have won!:D
Your prize is a banner made by me!(: Hope you enjoy that:) I will make your banner asap and post it in my blog so you can get it:)
And congratz to meegz27 for coming this far into my competition!:)


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