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Hey guys. This is Hope. I dont think I will be doing the story, no one commented or anything so I will tell you the news. For one thing the new Other World season is out in the starplaza. Man I think its the best season they've had yet. It took'em long enough. I think the blue fire is awesome. 
     Also just if you don't know already, the new Doree (the MSW collection) is in the starplaza aswell. Its ok, I eman I think they are starting to repeat colors and the browns and stuff is unnessicary because we have in free in the beauty parlour. Besides that I enjoyed the purple and yellow. You probably noticed I like bright colors. Haha.
     Finally, the new show on Disney Jessie, is being advertised. They are giving away free items so remember to take the quiz! I think this maybe one of the better shows.. maybe. it looks exciting. For those of you who have on demand (fios or optimium)  look out for some up coming episodes.

-Hope / HopeDoll13 :D

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