Comp Round 3

Monday, September 26, 2011 5 Awesome Comments

PikandChew:     74/100 << Judged
                          -  80/100 << Poll Points
                            -6/100 << Total

MeganMero:      82/100 <<  Judged       
                          -  30/100 << Poll points
                             52/100 << Total                        
Envyme010:      86/100 << Judged
                           - 40/100 <
                             46 /100<< Total

Funkymoomoo1:   59/100 <                                - 70/100 << Poll Points
                                 -11/100 << Total

I am sorry but Funkymoomoo1 goes home :(
On the other hand MeganMero has won :)
I also have to say that I will be dropping the winnings to 45 SD only because there was so many people who dropped out and didn't make a design at first. Also because I originally set that price for the amount of 15 people :( Im sorry. It only seems fair.
Also this week's brand is fudge :) The mystery item is the 2046 shoulder accent. :) I don't want you to use it as it should though ;) Thanks <3


5 Awesome Comments:

  • Ashley Stardoll said...

    Mine is a kinda geek/Chic look.
    I have the big geeky glasses, and the shoulder thingy adds a splash of Space-ish look.
    I have the hotbuys shoes on, and they make the whole outfit a bit fashionable.
    I spent a lot of time on the eyes. I made them different, like a superhero's.

    My whole look is Science-ish, and Different. And I hope you think that different is a good thing. :]

  • envyme010 said...

    username: envyme010
    Fudge look:
    Description: It's definitely a party outfit and is daring to be noticed. The hotbuys cheetah top and till dawnbreak feather skirt add flavor to the outfit. The pink stiletto sneakers and 2046 shoulder accent "clutch" round out the outfit. The makeup is fairly simple because the outfit and the short haircut does all the talking. Just a little simple pink eyeshadow. Fudge is all about being daring and that is what this look is. I hope you like to party!

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