Dip Dye & Pastels.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 1 Awesome Comments

Hai guys!
I have been busy with my first 2 weeks of College, changed timetable & schedule, and a lot of homework!

But now i'm up to date, so i will be blogging about the usual and also i will be featuring a favorite song of mine every few posts!

This month, my posts will be a little different (A good different, i hope!)

I will be adding random but delightful surprises to Y'all!

So today i'm talking about the latest hair trends and how your MeDoll can keep up to date!
So many of you know, the new "Dip Dye" look is very popular, a l

ot people from The UK have got their hair "Dip Dyed" and it is becoming more and more popular.
Undercuts are so last season!

The next trend is "Pastel Colors" for your hair, it's basically a really light color for your hair, such a cute look; but they look horrible with lots of different colors!

Some examples:

Basically what the Dip Dye is, it's just basically dying the bottom half of your hair a different color than the top half.
Here's some examples.

So you get the idea, right?!

Just hilight the bottom half of your MeDoll's hair, for a funky Dip Dye look!

And my song of the day is Adele - Hiding My Heart!

It's amazing.

Hope y'all enjoyed. - Baylie x

1 Awesome Comments:

  • Curlycupcake3 said...

    I think the second picture looks rly bad, but the first one is nice. I think I might try this on my medoll with some of the MSW items, though I've never rly been a big fan of un-natural colored hair..

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