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Sunday, September 11, 2011 10 Awesome Comments
Ok so the Contest is going to be...............The Best Outfit using a Single brand each week! :) Here are somethings you will need to know:
  • The prize will be 75 stardollars
  • We will NOT do the comp unless AT LEAST 15 people sign up!!!
  • You will automatically be booted from the competition if you miss a due date.
  • The voting for who goes home will be done by you!
  • I will put a picture of everyone's work on the post with a comment by me! And also if they choose to A and J.
This is how you should sign up :)

  1. Username
  2. Why you want to win
  3. favorite brand in starplaza
Thanks <3


p.s. Please join ;)

10 Awesome Comments:

  • Ashley Stardoll said...

    Because I love competing, and even if I don't win it'll still be fun to try.
    Favorite brand- I like the tribute stores, but out of the permanent ones I would say RIO or Bizou...

  • envyme010 said...

    1. envyme010
    2. I love doing competitions especially ones that involve dressing up. So winning it would be cool.
    3. I love Amy Claire and the Givenchy Tribute shop. Out of the permanent shops, I would say Bonjour Bizou.

  • Anonymous said...

    -I need money! I am starting a Stardesign line, and have made the designs, but need to buy them up!
    -DKNY, LE and Miss 60

  • Anonymous said...

    -i love competitions
    -Rio,Viole,Tinling,BonjourBizou&Stardoll :D
    (And yeah this is the second time i comment as annoymous its because blogger isnt letting me comment when im clearly singed in,so this is my only way & Yes im a follower :D )

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