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Hello strangers, I am Hope. And I believe you are here to enjoy this blog. Well the latest news, hmm, the second riounds of MSW starts tomorrow! On the 16th the semi finalists are chosen. Woohoo. The decades hotbuys dress is out. Disney is doing a partnership with stardoll, thats cool. But I'm not that into Disney but to those who are, congrats.
Anyway I thought besides the regular news and such I am going to be weird and usual and do something different. You like? I didn't ask. I will be presenting my own personal story. Written by meet a small segment will be posted of it each day.

 I call this one ( my story)

The Beginning Of Our End:
     The normal sounds, kids voices, screams, laughter but silence? No. It was a nice day I could hear birds, animals, dogs, kids, cars and simply life. But not after that day. It left me like melting ice. It got thinner and thinner till everything faded. Its a vague memory to me. At least I had him. Or that was my thoughts later on.
    I walked into my homeroom, thinking of my science test I hadn't studies for. Watched the girls I wish I was friends with walked by. Sat down waiting for some of mine to arrive. The sun shined in through my top floor classroom window. I heard loud shuffling in the hallway. It was him. Laughing with his friends. I only talked with him a few times. I mean really. Why would they talk to me? Then there were shrieks of laughter I covered my ears. Then there was silence. An odd strange eerie silence that only happens in the movies. I peered into the hallway to find a surprise.

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