Competition Week 1 :D

Tuesday, September 13, 2011 12 Awesome Comments
The first brand you must use is.... Bonjour Bizou :D A lot of you commented this is your favorite store and because it has a wide variety of clothing! It should make a great starting point ;) You will also have a points system :) This is how it will work :
  1. Originality: 50 points.
  2. Matching: 20 points
  3. Makeup: 20 points
  4. Mystery item : 10 points
You MAY have noticed the mystery item points *hint hint* This week mystery item is..... the slouchy white tank! This item is GREAT for layering! IS a little plain ;) But there is also a voting system. The points will be done by the2glams and I. The voting will be done by you! PLEASE don't vote for yourself :( It is selfish and unfair!!!!!

Voting Specifications:
  1. Will be done by our wonderful followers :)
  2. Will only count for 100 points out of  your 200 points total! ( I just hope it is even!)
How you will be chosen to go home:
  1. First, you will get a grade from the2glams and I. This counts for 50% of your total points.
  2. Second, I will add the votes together I don't think there will be more than 10 votes per person so we will be good ;) Anyway Voting is ANOTHER 100 points!!! Depend on the people!
  3. In the end you will have something out of 200 points. The person with the lowest amount of points will be sent home. For example:
The2glams: 200/200 points :)
BestTheyHave135: 150/200 points :)
Junebug246: 140/200 points :)
Fakeusername123: 1/200 points. :(

Who goes home? Fakeusername123 does!

How to enter your pic.
  • Comment a url
  • save it as a pic in ur album on stardoll and gb me about it
Thanks :)


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