Wednesday, September 21, 2011 10 Awesome Comments
A logo?
A Fashion line?
Looking for 3 models.
Could it be you?

Looking for these types of models:
Blue/Green eyes.
Skinny/Thick models.

Name: User/Name
Must be a folower.
Describe style:
Tiny pic Head Shot (preferably no makeup)

Why it should be you?

And We are picking 2 people from AlluringModels
Sign up:)
Deadline: 25th


10 Awesome Comments:

  • Anonymous said...

    Name: lovinjudas
    Age: 12
    Describe style: Bright and colourful, but still timeless classic.
    Tiny pic Head Shot (preferably no makeup) :

    Sorry! It has a tiny bit of makeup on! :)
    lovinjudas xxx

  • abbeydawn122 said...

    Name: abbeydawn122/ Georgie Msy
    Age 14
    Describe style: A tricky question. It ranges from minimalist glamour to oversized prints and heavy layering. My style is influenced by three things- my enviroment, my mood and my music. Ooh and fashion icons and muses.
    Tinypic headshot: I only have one in portfolio :/ http://abbeydawn122porfolio.blogspot.com/

    Why should you pick me? I have experience an think I fit the type your looking for. I love modelling and would be honoured if you chose me. the chances are very small but being considered would be amazing x

  • Anonymous said...

    Name: Camila User/Name: StarMinimon
    Must be a folower. i'm:)
    Describe style:Casual and vintage.
    Tiny pic Head Shot (preferably no makeup)i.imgur.com/sHq9N.png (i use short hair)

    Why it should be you?Because i think i fit well for this interesting fashion line!

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