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Thursday, September 15, 2011 0 Awesome Comments

My honest opinion about the D-Signed collection is, it's okay. I wouldn't buy any of the tops for Stardoll, maybe like 8-9 year olds would. I was picking up my 8 year old brother with my mom from school, and I saw a bunch of little children [about 6-9 year old girls] wearing outfits from the D-Signed place. [Who knows what its called in the real world.]

The high converse are pretty cool, but all the other outfits are pretty much cheap looking crap. The tees also look awful.

ebecca Bonbon?

Are you kidding me? The music that comes on when I click on the store is irritating.
You can do better than this. Now to the clothes... They look like the D-Signed stuff except worse. It's way more cheap crappy looking. It's totally 1st-3rd Grade stuff. (Sparkly, leggings, flats stuff.)

I'm getting pretty tired of all the sponsor stores and clubs, except for like Dove Club. That's a good sponsor club, but all the other sponsor things are just freaking irritating.

What time of name is Rebecca Bonbon for a STORE? Oh Stardoll.


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