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Wednesday, February 6, 2013 1 Awesome Comments

Hey guys and welcome to my first make-up tutorial. I might do some more of these kinds of posts if I get a great response. I know most of my viewers are young kids, but if you want to know some of my own make-up tips and tricks then read on.
What You Will Need:
Eye primer
Cream Eyeliner
Eyeliner Brush

1. Apply the primer. This will make sure the eyeliner doesn't move around and will boost the color pigmentation of the eyeliner.
2.Start outlining the way you will want the winged look to be. As you can see, I like mine to be a bit thick. What I did was follow the curves of my eye. Your winged look will be different from mine, since we all have different eye shapes.
3. Fill in within the outline that you drew with more eyeliner. This is the tricky part. You must have a steady hand and if this is your first time doing this you should move slowly. To me, this is like coloring inside the lines.
And that's it!
The look is complete...well for now anyways. 

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