Non-Superstar Of The Week?

Saturday, February 2, 2013 10 Awesome Comments
The answer is no. There will be no non-superstar of the week this week because I feel like giving every non-superstar a good pat on the back! You might not have enough money/time to give so much into stardoll, but you've tried your best to make a beautiful piece of artwork in this game. All of you. So if you are a non-superstar, Comment below with your

And you will get ONE item per person, worth up to 10 SD.

Oh, and you have to be over level 15.

By the way non-superstars, keep on commenting your username and next week and I will choose FROM BOTH THIS POST AND THE LAST POST SO DON'T POST AGAIN.


10 Awesome Comments:

  • MareBear2012 said...

    Awh, that's really nice of you! Thank you so much. If you aren't able to get anything for me, that's fine.
    Username: TrueGenelia ♥
    Fave color: I love all colors. Maybe black or red?
    Your choice: StarDesign Fashion
    Id love the 3rd item on the second page. :) x Thanks so much, once again.

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