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Thursday, October 11, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
We see them everyday, looking in the blog comments, being in clubs, parties, covergirl, contests, and wow, did I mention that they are everywhere? That's right, everywhere! There are some pros and cons to being a superstar though, it's true. Being superstar sounds perfect, but it's not always that way. You maybe thinking why? Well it's different for everyone who is superstar, so there may be more reasons, but I'll just list some of the main reasons why you should be superstar, and why you shouldn't be superstar. You will be very surprised by the findings
                                                         Pros to being superstar
  • You can exchange stardollars and starcoins
  • You can buy more items (LE ect)
  • Own more clubs 
  • Achievements
  • 12 rooms
  • more designs (with more stardollars)
  • new eyes
  • new hair
  • new smiles
  • Enter superstar only contests
  • participate in a few Stardoll activities
  • 50 starcoins a day 
  • 2 extra starpoints
                                  Cons to being superstar
  • Got hacked? The hackers can sell your stuff for themselves 
  • Sometimes it doesn't last very long
  • Got to be active, don't want to waste the membership right?
  • Hate Stardoll? You are giving them money when you buy superstar
  • Hoping for LE? Sometimes it's not out when you are superstar
  • After being superstar (if you are wearing superstar facial features) and want to change your medoll's face, but still keep the hair? Wait until you get superstar, or just look for a look-a-like hairstyle, so it still won't last as long as you think
  • rooms closed
  • harder to get stardollars
  • back to 40 starcoins a day
  • no more starcoins to exchange
Conclusion: Being superstar is hard, protecting your account and all. Well I hope you thought more and more about being superstar, who knows maybe you will be superstar? :) I hope you all have a great day and I hope you all enjoyed this post. Do you have more reasons? Post them below so are readers can read them and post their opinions on the reasons! 
"Thank you reading!" -Clubcreator, TH/OC

Please note, I wrote this in a much more formal "post" as I am working on my writing a little bit more and making them sound much more realistic. If you would like to, please kindly post your opinion on the entire post as I would love to hear your opinions!

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