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Friday, October 26, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
An awesome year for Stardoll! New place to work, more new items added, and of course MSW! That's not all they have in store for us though!
      Bafta has announced who we will be able to vote for for websites! Here are a few of the listed below...

  • Lego
  • moshi monsters
  • girls go games
  • wooz world
  • Stardoll
Did you read the list extra carefully? I really hope you did because......, the largest game for girls, was featured!
Congrats Stardoll! Be sure to vote for your favorite website (-cough- Stardoll -cough-) and watch out for more news! Here is the link to the site, it works best for people in UK. Since I am American, I still could see it pretty clearly, so I think it's alright to see from any other country!

*NOTE you can only vote for it if you are from the UK!**
Congrats S t a r d o l l ! Good  L u c k  to  y o u!

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