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Regina George from Mean Girls. You need: a white tank top, a pink tank top, a black skirt, and black heels. Just cut out holes in the chest of the white top, just like Cady did to try to get revenge on Regina!
Where's Waldo. This one is super easy, and cute too! Grab a white and red striped tee, blue pants, and a red hat. You can add glasses too to really look like Waldo.
Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. If you have a little black dress, this is perfect! Add long gloves, sunglasses, and a string of pearls, and that's it!
Girls' Life magazine also had some good ideas:
A hippie. Get a tie-dyed t-shirt and draw a peace sign on it. If you want, fringe the bottom of the tee with scissors (just cut 3-inch strips on the hem). Add jeans – flares if you have them – tie a ribbon across your forehead, put some tiny braids in your hair, and maybe a fake flower. Wear sandals and any kind of funky 60s accessories you have lying around.
A D.I.Y. super-heroine. Write your first initial on an old tee, put on your brightest leggings, and tie a sheet around your neck as a cape(you can also safety-pin it to your shirt). Make a mask with face paint or makeup, or cut one out of felt.
A cowgirl. Wear a checkered or flannel shirt, denim bottoms (skirts, jeans, and shorts all work!), a big belt, boots, and a Western hat. Braid your hair into two pigtails.
A black cat. Wear all black (shoes too!), then grab a plastic headband and some black felt scraps. Cut out two triangles to make your ears, then hot glue them to the headband. Use eyeliner and black makeup to make a nose and whiskers, and do “cat eye” eyeliner. Finish with a black ribbon attached to your waistband for a tail.
 what are you doing to celebrate Halloween this year?
Sources: Bella Thorne Official, Girls' Life

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