Teenagers and their problems 2

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They say that young people understand better than the young adults. What if I do not have anyone who could tell us what we should do when we do not know ourselves? What if we can not entrust their parents and friends do not believe? Well, here are some situations where I really need help ...

Recall the last few announcements and read the best answers. :)

Renata (16) has just learned that he was adopted, and the fear that they will be disappointed.
miss-lea-zd says:
"True Parents are the ones who guard you, monitor your progress, who are there for you. Which you are not ashamed of who would give anything for you.'m Also aware of your curiosity, it's not easy for either of you, but the only thing important is the notion that you have a family who loves you! "

SweetLadyPink thoughts like this:
"Renata, you should definitely look for them. Everyone has a feature that makes them special and I'm sure they were going to see. On the other hand if they do not see it there are always your adoptive parents who cared for years and who love you. '

Tamara (14) is sad because her friends were expelled from the society and wants them back.
Sammy_2012 says:
"Seeking new friends ... If by now you have not figured out how valuable you are their friend, let them be. Ask them again but they've all left. If these rejected and you do not know why you ask them. If you are" innocent nor shall 'you'd better let them. "

Mate (14) is in love with a girl he was seeing during the summer months, and although it's not true, he told her that he is not happy. Now he regrets it.
Megyyellow333 says:
MATE tell this girl how you feel! Tell her everything you stand ˝ ˝ at heart! It will be easier for you! If you really love, your relationship will succeed no matter the distance! If not, there will be a girl and love! ;)

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