Wednesday, October 17, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
Over one million people die by suicide every year. Amanda is a teen who killed herself about a week ago partly because of bullying. She told her story on Youtube she posted last month:
She made a mistake we are all humans we make mistakes she felt really bad and  she moved away and they still bullied her stop bullying so it wont end up wit a person commiting suicide

5 Awesome Comments:

  • Flowerpin said...

    I'm so sick of hearing about it. I get it, bullying is bad, but she made some bad choices.

    If you don't know her, pay your respects and move on. No need to linger in her past.

  • Bree(:x said...

    I actually cried watching her video, the other day. It was heart breaking to hear her story, and the evil things that people can do. I mean seriously, People make mistakes! RIP, Amanda Todd. Heavan has just gained an angel♥

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