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Hello Dollies! :)

This is my second interview and this time I decided to do a little interview with alan199 (x) 4

Question: How long do you play and why Stardoll? :)
Answer: On Stardoll I have 4 years, but not on this puppet, I had another doll before. I play because I love to dress up, make-up ...

What exactly do you like the most here on Stardoll?
Answer: The most I like the clothes! : D

Is it normal for you Stardoll games or something more?
Answer: Well for me, Stardoll, criss say, my other life, because I'm on my mannequin to show how I wanted to look, dress and so on. Perhaps some will think I'm now addicted Stardoll or something like that, but it's true. :)

Have you met some new friends here? :)
A: Of course! I met many wonderful people, such as in-bekica88 now we're best friends, or with a ___ Silva___ I went to the same school and we did not hang out, and now we hang out because we met at Stardoll.

  Do you have something to say to us in the end? :)

Answer: For the end to thank everyone who voted for me and helped me become NCG Croatian 7 times.

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