Harrods released!

Friday, October 19, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
The ice cream parlor is where we would like to visit, even if we don't like ice cream! But it's still a magical place to see, the bright colors, the soft smells, it's wonderful!

We also like to go to the mall, it's fun to see everyone smiling or just looking around! That's possibly why stardoll came out with this room.
Now what are you thinking? Cool? Boring? You choose.
This week I will be asking you to make a room, yes a room, made of these items. You are required to have an interior or an item, or even a room already made, to enter.
To enter just write your username below and take a snap shot of the room, or I'll just visit you.
I'll judge your room (mentally) and I'll have the viewers vote their favorite room!
What are you waiting for? Get going! The contest ends.... the 23rd, voting begins the 23rd too.

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