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Monday, October 29, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Not as much news right now, well on Stardoll so I'll just talk about the real news I guess :)

World news:

  • Right now, The coast of America will be getting hit with a terrible hurricane, named Sandy, followed by a blizzard. Recently lots of people took pictures of their store (in New York) and lots of the items, like bread and water, were completely off the shelves. 
  • Hawaii had a earthquake, they are now in a tsunami warning
In music news:
  • One direction's new song, little things, possibly got leaked again. A glitch with 302 views when thousands of people have saw it. Here is the offical video (lyric video)

That's all really for the big news to be honest. Keep up for Stardoll news :) Have a good day, I wish you all the best of luck New York and the coast of America! I also wish luck for Hawaii, I hope nothing horrible happens to our readers in those places, my prayers go to you guys!
xx- Ashtyn

2 Awesome Comments:

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