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This is by far my favorite make-up brand from Stardoll. You can do so much more with these products. There is a All Over Shade Stick that can be used anywhere on the face, so cool! A great way to precisely apply blush and eye shadow. Also, the lip glosses have a great effect when applied. And there is different brushes for eye shadow and blush!! This is a great make-up brand for any one who loves make-up and know how to use a brush. 
The only down side to this is that the products are EXPENSIVE! Seriously, I'm not even overeacting when I say this. If you have seen the prices for these, then you know what I'm talking about. So, because of this I want to make a small raffle that any follower can enter. The prize will be thirty stardollars! That will be enough to buy something from there. To enter, sign your stardoll username below. The deadline will be in a couple of days. 

14 Awesome Comments:

  • xhannahxmx said...

    i agree, the store is nice however EXPENSIVE. i tend to spend more money on clothes, but maybe i'll buy some of these items.

    i'd like to be entered in the raffle, my username is xhannahxmx

  • Carrie.Rose said...

    I would love to enter, Cheekycazbo1

    I find the collection amazing too,i have tried the all over shade stick and thought it was a great idea, until i saw the price. Im happy theres a glitch for one of the eye shadows though! :)x

  • JanaStarlite said...

    I am no good at doing makeup. It's not high on my priority list. But I have huge amounts of makeup, including hair colors and lipstick out tha...

    Oh, and my doll's been wearing the same makeup for about six weeks now. All four of them. Makeup is too much trouble... for me at least.

  • JanaStarlite said...

    Oh, and please DO NOT put me in your raffle. I think it is beyond the call of duty for you to be so nice to your readers as to have this raffle in the first place.

    BRAVA to you, my friend!

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