So close to 200 million

Saturday, October 13, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Wow! You guys joining makes me really happy to be on Stardoll, because without you guys i wouldn't be here.
As you can see, the members at this time/when I have taken the picture was at 7:40am Central Time
When we get 200 million members we get....

  • 8 items 
  • 100sc to spend for only 1 day!
  • 100sd to spend for only 1 day!
We already have the 50% off sale going on in Starplaza so yeah :)
We should have 200 million members by the end of  Saturday (today) or Sunday (tomorrow)
WOO! Get your shop on girls, because this will be one of the most awesome sales Stardoll has ever had!
What will you buy with 100 stardollars? Shop in bazaar? LE? DKNY? ELLE? RARES? HBS? New rooms?
You choose my friends, tell me in the comments below! Cannot wait to hear your opinion!!! :D

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