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Tuesday, October 9, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Hey everyone! I found an item(s) that matches a real life stardoll item, click the real picture and you can see it on a site! (well under it..) Woo!
Polka Dot Top with Necklace
1.) The stardoll item is found in Evil Panda, 13stardollars. The other item (what it may be based off of) is at ( for girls) $28.00 (on sale right now)  I like it, and I really think they look a lot alike! :)) polka-dot-top-with-necklace

That's all I could find really, I find it very difficult to find their real life items, very sorry :( Do you think they look realistic? Close enough? You choose! Answer in the pull below :)                            The results to this week's poll depends on your vote! Will be announced on.....the 11th!

Do the shirts look alike? free polls 

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