Happy Oct. 1st!

Monday, October 1, 2012 0 Awesome Comments
Eppy! It's October! The first day may not be a big deal, but hello, for us superstars and royalty it is!
-Too much starcoins? Trade 'em in today!
But then again, it's not made just for us SS and R members, it's made for the non-ss too! Made for anyone! :)
-Change that suite of yours! It's a season, fall, and now it's getting closer and closer to November! Be sure to change one room (or more, you choose) to show that you are in the latest suite styles :)

-Hotbuys! Hotbuys! Hotbuys! HotBuys! New HB's are out, so hotbuys from the last season are going to be for sell (in bazaar)
-MSW! MSW will end during this month. MSW is expected to end early November, late October.
So...who can't wait for this fun filled month? I surely can't! Especially the hotbuys!
btw, did you see the new poll? Vote for your faveorite SLN writer today! 
Choose from some of our most active writers!

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