About the 200 Million deal...

Thursday, October 11, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
I know there is the thing about the 200 Million big sale in Starplaza. I bought some items for sc and I noticed something. When we have 200M, Stardoll is going to give us a lot of stuff and 100 temporary sc and sd. So I advice people to wait and then spend your sds instead of spending all of them now. And the sds are only for 24 hrs so as soon as you log into Stardoll tomorrow or sometime later, and they have 200M, I think you should click the button (You need to be at 6 level) and spend your money! I am going to do that!

EDIT:: Never Mind about what I said! The sale only lasts till we reach the amount so shop!!

3 Awesome Comments:

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