Wednesday, September 5, 2012 5 Awesome Comments
Starting a new trend; Designer bags ;)
Note the "Hollywood" with a heart beside it? Yup, that's the new "designer" bag. I think it was a very good idea. I saw a new member wearing it and though, ehh, might try that.

My opinion: It's a good idea and i think it will start to be a trend real soon.

About the Bag: I was at a "chat" room on Stardoll trying to earn my daily starcoins and then I saw a new member (looked to be much new) and noticed her bag, very boho and cute. I like her idea on the bag and think that more people will note the "hollywood heart" bag soon :) 
I don't have the member's name, but I know they did a great job on making an original piece.

Your thoughts?
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Have a great day everyone!

5 Awesome Comments:

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