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Wednesday, September 5, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
When you sign up to be a writer for a blog, most of the time some of the workers and owners visit you.  But, show them that you are worthy for working on the blog, make a BIG appearance! 
     Applying for a sophisticated or somewhat sophisticated blog means that your medoll has to look pretty good, for some reason, i find it for more respect and for people to remember them more. So, I created some looks/ideas for a job interview on here (yes there are interviews on some blogs)
         Step 1.) Make sure that you have a great hairstyle (it makes the outfit more "wow!")
Step 2.) Your eyes, don't need all that blue and pink. Make some smokey eyes ;)
Step 3.) Don't be nervous! If you don't make it, try again! 
Step 4.) If you have a certain part on the blog, you are more expected to have lots of that on you. Like, for example, if you do outfits, then you should have a cute outfit! 
Step 5.) The more you know, the more of a chance you have on a blog.
Step 6.) Put on a smile! You are going to do great :)
Now, here is  my favorite outfit  that i have made, out of 4 :)
Very cute and lot realistic right? I  like it and think that the interviewer's/owner will like the outfit and possibly put you on that job.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below ;)

Want the outfit?


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