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Saturday, September 1, 2012 3 Awesome Comments

Hello Readers,

I saw a HUGE announcement made by Callie.Stardoll. It is in the star blog. 

She said: "Here's the deal: Stardoll's moving at the end of September, and we're itchin' to decorate this brand new space. But we need inspiration for this decorating challenge."

Now they want a real life teen room. They asked use to send them pictures of our bedroom. 

You can send the picture two ways.

1. Twitter: Tweet the picture, and tag it to @stardoll.
2. Instagram: Upload your picture of your room. Tag it to @Stardoll. The coolest part is that they will follow you.

The photo's may not show you or a friend. There is no real prize other than the fact that important decisions will be made in a copy of your room. I hope they show us the winner.

Will you participate?

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