Saturday, September 1, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Hey guys. Sorry for not posting, I've been busy.
ummm, I won't be on this week because of Student Council (we are voting, I'm top 4 :D), Outdoor education, going out of town for a wedding, and coming back.

Monday the 3rd- Labor day (Shopping for OE)
Tuesday the 4th- At school (voting student council)
Wednesday the 5th- School (not able to post either)
Thursday the 6th- Outdoor education
Friday the 7th- Outdoor education
Saturday the 8th- Attending an out of town wedding
Sunday the 9th- Coming back from the out of town wedding.

So yeah, there is my schedule. I'll miss you guys. Have a great weekend/week :-)

--xoxoxo, Ashtyn

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