Together we can beat cancer..♥

Saturday, May 12, 2012 6 Awesome Comments
So cancer is still around destroying lifes and people just foget about it, They want a video game, people who have cancer just want to WIN the fight against it, 1000s of people every year get this horrible disese and scientists need to get a way for cancer to ve only a vodiac sign, so to remind EVERYONE about CANCER im holding this little parade throughout stardoll but I cant do it without the help of you! So together, were going to go throughout the week with no hair on, go into non-superstars its the first option, some of us are thinking NO WAY, But image what it would feel like to get more people thinking about cancer it would be amazing! So Help us? From monday to sunday tommorow we will all go with no hair on to help cancer awareness, All of us, against cancer! So if your are intreseted comment your stardol username in the comments and for everyone who takes part, you will all get a suprise, cancer is horrible! -Molly09forever

6 Awesome Comments:

  • miss.h2o65 said...

    WOW! I am definately doing it! :) I was going to do it with crying eyes but seen as how i'm not SS anymore I can't! but i'll still wear my hair bald! :)

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