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Sunday, May 27, 2012 3 Awesome Comments
Hello I thought I would do a weekly segment on hairstyles. That all depends if you like it or not. If you do like it please comment so I know that I should do it again. Thanks

So the first hairstyle I am going to teach is called: The flip. Difficulty level 3/5.

1:  Take your hair and put it in a loose pony tail. What I mean by loose is that tie the ponytail holder halfway down your ponytail. 

2:  Split the top half of the pony in two parts.

3: Then take the bottom part of the ponytail and push it in-between the divided part of your hair

4: Then pull the bottom part through. 

5:  You can add a clip, ribbon, flower, bow or anything else you might now of to add the perfect final touch. 

Note: I could not find any other picture. This one is not the best way to show a flip but it will have to do. I always pull my part of the pony tail sticking out a little tighter so the flip looks tighter. You can do whatever your want. 

Next is the four twist pony tail : 

Note:  This can work with shorter hair but longer hair would be easier.

1:  Put your hair up in a normal ponytail.

2: Divide the pony tail in four sections or estimate how much hair would be in each section. 

3:  Take your first section and divide it into two parts.

4:  Twist the two parts over each other. When you get to the bottom of that section take a small plastic rubberband or ponytail holder and tie the hair like normal just at the bottom.

5: Now take the second section and divide it in two parts.

6:   Twist the two parts over each other than tie them with a pony tail.

7:   Do the same thing to the other two sections.

Then you are done


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