How to make the 9500SP hair(Ish!)

Saturday, May 19, 2012 4 Awesome Comments
Hey guys! Here, I'm going to show you how to make a close copy of the 9500sp hair.
First, pick these items:
And put two of the larger pieces on the head so they touch in the middle- choose any colour, and don't worry that there's a gap! (You can also use a fringe)
Then, shrink the plait to a small-ish size, and put three rows of them on- this will cost approximately 13sd so far. Make sure you eventally go down into the left bottom corner.

Next, use the wiggly hair and curls (as seen in pic below) and put them down the left side of the hair. It's best if you leave a gap where I have, I'll show you why!
Click 'Done'.
Next, make a 1sd costing hair of  the wiggly bit that you used for the main, and click Done. Then put it where the gap is, and make sure it goes behind everything with the hair infront. 

Et voila! Here's the final pic:
(I circled the ones that I used, ignore the others)
For some reason, some of the plaits come off in mine, so if that happens to you, just make a couple more plaits.

Compared to the actual hair: (Different colour, ignore and sorry it's so small, haha)

Opinions? -Daisy xoxo

4 Awesome Comments:

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