Stardoll rips off LE

Sunday, May 13, 2012 2 Awesome Comments

so i was shopping after adding some sd to my account and i decided to give the new evil panda items a chance. i was scrolling when i came across some familiar looking shoes. they were the same shoes released in 2010 (season 8 of LE). They were the same, not even similar or a different color (because that has happened before and users have been excited to look similar to users with real LE) but i literally feel bad for users who bought this because they basically lost 80 stardollars.

(sorry if the image is unclear or blurry)
(disclaimer: this is in no way copying any previous posts made by any other blogs, this is just to let our readers know and for me to express my honest opinion, thank you)

-xoxo Laura

2 Awesome Comments:

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