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Sunday, May 6, 2012 1 Awesome Comments
It's coming really soon!
[sorry I don't have a picture]

Stardesign jewlary made lots of wigs, so Stardoll said that they will make a stardesign hair :]]]]
I interviewd Mette.Stardoll and she answered back with:
 [our convo]

Me "Many members have been going on and on about Stardesign hair, is it true?"

Mette"Yes, there will be a stardesign hair. We do think that member will love this even more than the
stardesign jewlary, partly because we like unique members, so this will make more members unique"

Are you excited or what?

I also interviewd a member before i posted this:

Member1 [name doesn't want to be given]
"I think Stardoll is doing this and yes I am excited :]] But I think they are doing this for more money. Because if it is only avalible in stardollars, then there will be more superstars or members getting stardollars.
Excited? Yes. Happy? ehhh so so."


Kinza and Me
best friends :]

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