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Saturday, May 19, 2012 5 Awesome Comments

Callie.Stardoll typed up a whole letter. For the whole version please visit the spotlight tab then contest and events. Callie wants an all american room and is asking for America's help. She wants us to design her an interior that has something to do with america.

She never said a specific date in which the contest would end, but I am going to do it sooner better than later.
You do not have to buy your design just take a photo.

Here are the mind blowing prizes. She will buy your design for a specific price. Then feature your interior design in her room, and put your name on her presentation.

Think of how many members visit her suite a day. You can win NCG, CG, and maybe even a nominee for MSW.

There will be more thank one winner.

What do you think?

5 Awesome Comments:

  • MissMicaGolden said...

    It's nice and good opportunity for everyone. Specially for those who want to be NCG, CG or even MSW winners, tough it will be one hard contest with all those talented designers all around stardoll.

  • Art123peace said...

    I agree completely. I want to win NCG in the worst possible way. Oh I know. I was making something yesterday and it was awful I made a flag sheet. I know a talented designer who may have a chance though. The2glams is amazing!

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