Stardoll and One Direction

Saturday, May 12, 2012 2 Awesome Comments
Yellow! :]]]
One Direction is, or I would say, the most popular band on Stardoll!

Above is the 5 boys that took everyone's heart away with their singing and look ;]
They were first on the X-Factor UK. Everyone started to fall in love with them.
They even made a Harry Styles doll [the curly haired guy]   [click the link to be at the Harry Styles dress up doll]

[click the picture so it can be bigger]
That was just page 1/4 or whenever you are reading the topic.
ALSO if you search OneDirection in the friend box thing you will see over 15 pages!

I am not a directioner my self. But I perfer this over JB
Bieber Fever can be cured! By getting One Direction Infection ;]

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